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The benefits of a healthy diet? They are huge, not only for your physical condition but also for your mental well-being. Research has even shown that about a quarter of all cancers can be prevented through a combination of good nutrition, physical activity and healthy body weight..

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Healthy living with the help of Dietitian

We help you with behavioural change both with choosing better food for you and with advice about exercise, relaxation and sleeping. In addition to a normal or vegetarian diet, a paleo, primal or carbohydrate-restricted diet may also be recommended. Changing and improving your diet and nutritional status can make the difference between health and illness.

Nutrition problems can affect the entire process of feeding: offering the food, sucking or chewing, swallowing, transporting food to the stomach and sometimes vomiting or choking.

In order for the diet to run smoothly, the right diet must first be offered in the right way, appropriate to the child’s stage of development. In addition, a child must be able to suck or chew and swallow, and there must be no abnormalities that impede the passage of food.


Nutrition and Diet Advice In California

Of course you do not have everything under control when it comes to your health, but a balanced diet is already a good start and very important for a healthy life.


Balancing your diet, for example, has an effect on your:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Energy level
  • Intestines
  • Skin condition
  • Sleep
  • Cognitive skills, such as concentration
  • Body weight

It's all about a natural balance

Did you know that sometimes a small change in your diet may be enough to reduce (ageing) symptoms and even prevent degenerative diseases? It is through good nutrition that you can exert influence yourself to be and stay optimally healthy. However, it is difficult to make the right changes yourself if you have never had a good explanation about the role of nutrition and how it affects your health. That is why Dietitian Practice CRPSib is happy to help you with all your questions about dietary advice and dietary advice in or around Amsterdam, diet counselling, improving your diet and more.

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Multidisciplinary Holistic Approach

At Dietitian Practice CRPSib in California, you will receive nutritional advice and dietary advice, combining vision and insights from regular and natural medicine, orthomolecular science, phytotherapy, homoeopathy and PNI (psycho-neuro-immunology). Dietitian Practice CRPSib makes a connection between the origin of various complaints and how these can be resolved. Do you also want to feel better about yourself, perhaps lose a few kilos and, above all, live a healthier life? You are just one phone call away from a good and healthy approach to your lifestyle and improving your health. “You can also contact me for inexplicable complaints”


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Meet Our Team

Lisa Mokovic

Lisa Mokovic

Health Coacher

I love coaching people because I know what it does to you. Every week a stick behind the door helps you with the motivation of slimming. You don’t do it alone! We look at which method suits you best to leave the kilos behind once and for all! After the pounds are off, a new phase starts and you also need a little push in the right direction.

Jason Moran

Jason Moran

Yoga Trainer

My name is Jason Moran and I know better than anyone what it is like to fight with weight and the mental struggle that comes with it. Food, not food, it was a common thread throughout my life. When I gained 30 kilos during my pregnancy and was still eating it a year later, several doctors said that I would not be able to lose weight without surgery. 

Kiana Chapman

Kiana Chapman

Yoga Trainer

In 2013 I came in contact with Crpsib Diet practice for the first time. My husband wanted to lose weight and I went into the Crpsib Diet practice “path” with him. That means I went to the weekly weighing moments. I also provided healthy meals at home and guided him through the entire process together with the coach.


What People Are Saying

The guidance of my coach was very nice. She helped me well, although I dragged myself through it a bit. Fortunately, it was also possible to do well during work, because I was busy a lot and I didn’t think about it. Late at night after dinner and at parties and birthdays it was a lot harder. But I focused on the dream of looking better and feeling fitter. That helped me to get through this period

Antonio Compbell


After I had completed the registration form I was soon able to go for the first consultation. In the beginning, I wondered if the diet was really something for me, but it was worth trying. The first Straight away meal box went home. At first I went safe for the familiar flavors, but soon the box was full of shakes, oatmeal, soup, cottage pie and delicious bars. Helena Smith


You know that, you walk through the city and all the clothes in the shop windows look so nice. Then a little voice in your head says: “No, you are not as thin as that mannequin, so that does not bother you”. Somehow you knew the voice was right and you walked on. Isabella Edwards Compbell

Studio Manager

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