“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

A nice saying – of which I don’t know a nice Dutch variant – and everywhere else. Not literally, of course. But nobody doubts anymore about the health benefits of healthy eating. For convenience, I summarize healthy eating with fresh fruit and vegetables.

There are many reasons why you do not (always) eat healthily. Hurry for example, or stress. There are people who cite lack of money as a reason: fresh fruit and vegetables are sometimes more expensive than the less healthy snacks and / or frozen meals.

Five affordable and feasible tips for eating healthy

  1. Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables. Apples and pumpkin in the autumn and winter, strawberries in the summer, beans in the summer. Not good at home in the seasons, take a look at this overview or on the vegetable calendar .
  2. Don’t buy more than you need. It seems like a culprit, but you will not be the only one who regularly has to throw away lost or spoiled food.
  3. Eat less (ready-made) sauces, cheese or meat. Maybe you can live without it for half the week. Or increase by half of your (daily) portion. We bet that you will get fewer fats this way.
  4. Buy fruit and vegetables uncut and preferably not pre-packaged. Then they can be kept longer and tastier. Do you find it too much work to cut everything yourself every day? Buy a sharp knife – saves half your time.
  5. Eat less anyway. One of the reasons Japanese are getting so old – and in good health – is the principle that Japanese people stop eating when they are eighty per cent ‘full’. In Japanese: Hara Hachi bun me.

Your own recipe

In  America, doctors have been writing recipes for some time that do not contain pills, but bananas, broccoli, grapes or tomatoes. Prevent your doctor from having to use such a prescription. Grab yourself at the vegetable shelf in the store or at the fruit bowl at your home.