We help you with behavioural change both with choosing better food for you and with advice about exercise, relaxation and sleeping. 

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We help you with behavioural change both with choosing better food for you and with advice about exercise, relaxation and sleeping. In addition to a normal or vegetarian diet, a paleo, primal or carbohydrate-restricted diet may also be recommended. Changing and improving your diet and nutritional status can make the difference between health and illness.


Everyone has their own eating habits and eating can play a role in people’s lives in many ways. To achieve your goal with as few restrictions or adjustments in your diet as possible, we look at the possibilities together. You will never receive a standard menu or diet, but personal advice that fits your wishes and complaints.

What do we do in the first interview?

  • What is your request for help? What is the reason that you have made an appointment?
  • What is your personal situation (eating pattern, lifestyle, social and exercise pattern)
  • We then discuss what the right diet might be for you, appropriate to your complaint or question
  • We are going to fit that food into your daily eating habits as well as possible

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The guidance of my coach was very nice. She helped me well, although I dragged myself through it a bit. Fortunately, it was also possible to do well during work, because I was busy a lot and I didn’t think about it. Late at night after dinner and at parties and birthdays it was a lot harder. But I focused on the dream of looking better and feeling fitter. That helped me to get through this period

Antonio Compbell


After I had completed the registration form I was soon able to go for the first consultation. In the beginning, I wondered if the diet was really something for me, but it was worth trying. The first Straight away meal box went home. At first I went safe for the familiar flavors, but soon the box was full of shakes, oatmeal, soup, cottage pie and delicious bars.

Helena Smith


You know that, you walk through the city and all the clothes in the shop windows look so nice. Then a little voice in your head says: “No, you are not as thin as that mannequin, so that does not bother you”. Somehow you knew the voice was right and you walked on.

Isabella Edwards Compbell

Studio Manager

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