Now that the new year has started, a large proportion of Dutch people immediately make all kinds of good intentions. A new year naturally gives the possibility of a new start! To make it easier to realize these good intentions, we have listed a number of tips for you to make these intentions truly true this year!

Quit smoking

Whether you decide to quit smoking in January or June; it is always a good intention. Do not make it too difficult for yourself, and first start reducing. Certainly when you have been smoking for a longer time, stopping immediately can be difficult. For example, buy an e smoker for the first few weeks . The e smoker gives you the possibility to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine. Don’t use the e smoker for too long; it is not a healthy replacement for the cigarette. Are you going to buy e liquid ? Then buy a certain amount, with different percentages of nicotine. Has your quantity of e liquid run out? Then it’s time to stop completely.

Lose weight

Losing weight is a good intention of many, and requires quite a bit of discipline and effort. But, if you have set a goal for yourself, it’s just time to go for it! It all starts with a healthy and varied diet . Try out various new dishes, and leave foods such as white bread and pasta for a while. Also make sure that you exercise enough at least three times a week. Whether you go swimming or go to the gym for an hour; movement will ultimately make the difference!

Discover a new passion

Visit open days, do online research and ask the opinions of others to map all kinds of possible passions. Have you already found the passion that you want to master this year? Then go for the full hundred percent! Try to make this new passion part of your daily routine, and to find a certain spot every week where you spend time on this new passion.

Motivate yourself every day

You can only find enough inspiring and motivating speeches on YouTube . Listen every morning to some motivating inspiration to start the day full of energy and good cheer.

Do not give up

We often find it all too easy to give up our goals quickly as soon as things get too difficult. We come up with all sorts of apologies for not having to do it. Painful joints, tiredness, headaches and other excuses come to our mind every day to avoid having to do the ‘heavy’ tasks. Leave these thoughts behind and go for it completely. Giving up is not an option!